Report Commenting in Power BI

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Power BI Report Commenting in Web Service

Here’s a quick tip to improve collaboration and encourage more discussion around the results shown in your Power BI reports. Microsoft recently added report commenting functionality to the PBI web service, and it couldn’t be easier to start using it.

Just head to the header bar of the Power BI web service and click on “Comments”. This will bring up the comments pane on the left-hand side of the page. From here you can start typing your comment:

Report Commenting in Power BI web service

Mention others

The great thing about this functionality is that it integrates well with your existing Office 365 contacts, so when you start typing @*persons name*, it will automatically link to other people in your organization. These individuals will also be notified by email when tagged.

Mobile Support

There’s also support for commenting in the Power BI mobile app, so users can create comments there, too.

Power BI mobile report commenting

Comment on specific visuals

Comments can also be made on specific visuals (versus the entire report). Just hover over a data visualization, click the ellipses, and then “add a comment”:

Comment on specific visual in Power BI


I used the Sales and Marketing sample app to demonstrate Power BI report commenting in this blog post. You can interact with the sample dataset by following the instructions here.


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