My name is Zach Renwick and I’m a data professional.

I created this site to help share solutions and insights into problems I have encountered while working as an accountant, business intelligence analyst and (most recently), business intelligence developer.

I started my data career as a project accountant working in the construction industry. There, I leveraged Microsoft’s self-service BI tools in Excel (PowerPivot and Power Query) to make quick work of my reporting duties. I became obsessed with learning more about DAX, Power BI and visual analytics to discover insights from data.

Around this time, I also pivoted my career. I was planning on pursing the CPA accounting designation, but after discovering how passionate I am about technology, analytics and BI, I knew I had to pursue something in that area.

Thus, I started an applied data analytics program and never looked back. I was able to transition my career into BI, and I now deliver business intelligence solutions using the Microsoft BI stack (SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, and Power BI) and a mixture of R and Python.

Feel free to reach out on any of the following platforms:

Twitter: @zachrenwick

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/zachrenwick

GitHub: https://github.com/zachrenwick